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  • Time and Grief

    Time and Grief

    Time is probably one of our most precious resources; we never have enough of it. We are always trying to maximize our time. And yet we often waste time scrolling the internet, on social media.

  • To the Survivors

    To the Survivors

    September is suicide prevention month. 5 years ago, I didn’t know that. Unfortunately, Lucas and I became “survivors” on April 7th, 2018. Now, I not only know that September is suicide prevention month, but I know what it means to be a survivor.

  • The Silence of Suicide Grief

    The Silence of Suicide Grief

    Initially, in the aftermath of your death, in those mornings that felt so heavy that my chest hurt and breathing was almost impossible, I would open my eyes and long for slumber to take me again back to that place where you were still alive and the three of us were together. In that oneiric…